Music, Theatre, STEAM & Arts

Educating is also creating, sharing ideas and challenging oneself with new experiences and developing life skills. Music, Theatre, STEAM and Arts demonstrate our desire to integrate all forms of intelligence into our curriculum.

Theatre promotes the development of self-confidence and self-esteem. To dare, to risk facing the gaze of others, to speak, to improvise in front of an audience, but also to communicate and share common emotions: the theatre encourages risk-taking by putting oneself into play, first in a group then solo on stage. At the end of June, all students come together on stage in a show mixing languages, singing and dancing. The theme is chosen a year before by the whole team, pedagogical and administrative.

Students can also learn a variety of musical instruments including violin, guitar and percussion as well as learning about modern styles of music such as hip hop.

STEAM engages students in creativity, resilience and the development of social skills.