Welcome to Mosaic School

At our multicultural school, we offer a bilingual education in French and English. For nearly 20 years, our school has been developing and delivering a unique and original programme in which all subjects are taught in both languages.

Beyond the simple benefits of language acquisition, this education has many other advantages for our students, particularly in relation to mathematics, languages and relationships with others.

We develop ambitious and innovative educational projects aimed at building skills that will serve our pupils throughout their lives.

They will become creative, resilient, self-assessing, collaborative, communicative and socio-emotional.

Our educational project encompasses a wide variety of activities and opportunities for pupils to learn in their own way and at their own pace during school and after school.

We are more than just a school. We are a multicultural and open international community where parents and professionals work together to make your children, our pupils, responsible citizens of the future, who will understand the world around them.

Signature Jean Francois Lopez

Director General