Ecole Mosaic was founded in 2004 in Champel, Geneva, to offer a new generation of children opportunities to discover a multicultural world through knowledge, experience and understanding of others.

We offer a bilingual education in French and English for children aged 3-12 years old. We follow a bespoke integrated curriculum based on the PER – Plan d’études Romand (introduced in 2011 in the canton of Geneva), and on the English National Curriculum.

  • International Outlook

    Ecole Mosaic has a very international outlook and we are delighted to have over 50 nationalities enrich our classrooms with their different cultures and perspectives. Some students have two nationalities, even two cultures.

  • History

    The history of Ecole Mosaic is rooted in recognising the value of plurilingualism in education. Plurilingualism goes beyond the mastery of several languages, it is an awareness of the understanding of the functioning of languages, their role, their history, their evolution, and their relationships between them. This is why Ecole Mosaic provides a bilingual education, with an openness to German and other non-Latin languages.

  • Education

    The education that Ecole Mosaic offers goes beyond a purely academic school programme, not only to make students aware of other subjects or sports, but also and above all to encourage the development of other human and intellectual skills. As an example of this, Ecole Mosaic integrates theatre into the curriculum from the age of three, as well as pursuits such as sailing, hip hop and more.

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