Ecole Mosaic’s mission is to nurture the overall development of every child and we do this in partnership with families.

Our aim is to promote and stimulate each individual child’s intellectual learning, their artistic skills, their sensitivity and their emotional wellbeing.

With a long-term perspective, going well beyond entry into secondary education, we aim to ensure the development and mastery of every child’s skills. Ultimately, we seek to give children a global vision of life, a range of tools to fulfil themselves professionally and personally and assume their responsibilities as women or men in the making.

Our Values

Open-mindedness, the right to respect and the duty of autonomy

Ecole Mosaic places ethics at the heart of the values it defends: the right to respect and the duty of autonomy. Autonomy occurs when an individual chooses to free themselves from their conditioning. In short, the ethical question is: what should I do?


Education is the responsibility of everyone: families, teachers, the school and peers. We aim to be the best role models possible, for all of our decisions and actions have consequences.


Tolerance is essential, allowing us all to act responsibly, honestly and fairly.


Understanding our differences but also what we all have in common and caring for others.


We promote autonomy of judgement and assuming responsibility for one’s choices.


Cultures are at the centre of our teaching, since they reflect belonging to a community and expressing knowledge.