During the summer, autumn, February and Easter holiday periods, Mosaic Camps welcomes children for fun and engaging activities and outings, all of which are connected by a common theme. Children who are not part of Ecole Mosaic are also very welcome.

Holiday camps take place on school premises with a supervisor who ensures the children all have an excellent time.

Contact the Mosaic Camps Coordinator to find out more.

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FROM 8TH – 12TH APRIL 2024


Welcome to the April Mosaic Camp, an immersive nature-themed educational adventure for children aged 3 to 6! Our eco-responsible camp offers young explorers the opportunity to plunge into the heart of nature, discover its wonders and learn how to preserve it.

Day 1:  
Welcome and program presentation. Games to encourage group cohesion. Outdoor orienteering games (Parc Bertrand).

Day 2: 
Outing to botanical garden. Picnic at the lake. Learn to separate and recycle. Interactive shows featuring animal characters teaching ecological lessons.

Day 3: 
Creative workshops using natural materials. Cooking activities. Environmental Clean-up Day (local natural area, raising awareness of environmental preservation).

Day 4: 
Let’s go to the lake! Picnic. Exploring aquatic ecosystems.

Day 5:
ZEN garden, terrarium. Spring painting. Ecological treasure hunt. Presentation of artistic projects.

Essential information

  • Activities will be conducted in both English and French for an enriching bilingual experience.
  • Each group is generally made up of 5 to 20 children.
  • The day starts at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 5:00 p.m.
  • You have the choice of providing your children’s meals yourself or selecting the offer including lunches, with a supplement of CHF 100 for the week. Please note that we cannot reheat meals on site. Snacks are included and organised by Mosaic Camps.
  • These programmes are indicative and may change depending on time and the number of participants.
    Weekly price: CHF 450 (+ CHF 100 meals).
  • Open to children external to the Mosaic School with a supplement of CHF 100.

How to Register

Get in touch with the Mosaic Camps team via the Parent Portal or by email (for external families).

Register your child via the Parent Portal (Mosaic families) or by filling in our form (external students).

Once you have registered your child, you will receive a confirmation email with all the necessary information – usually within 48 hours.

Congratulations !
Your child is registered and ready to have a great week !