Ecole Mosaic offers students a bilingual French/English education from Nursery to 8P. From 3P, children whose mother tongue is neither French or English or who have not already followed three years of bilingual education will join the linguistic tutoring programme.

Our tutors help children acquire or develop their skills in the missing language so that they can follow our school curriculum – as do all the wider team. For this, students leave class one to three times a week to work on the language in small groups and in a fun and caring environment.

We work closely with class teachers to deliver personalised teaching, tailored to the linguistic needs of each child. This link with the classroom guarantees the success of our programme.

Collaboration with parents is also an important part of our work. At the beginning of the year, we inform the parents of the linguistic tutoring course. Throughout the year, we keep parents informed of their child’s progress through a linguistic tutoring booklet. We also hold parent-teacher meetings. We are always happy to meet with parents who have questions about their child’s progress.