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Extra-curricular activities, incredible holiday camps, dedicated sports and art programmes, a unique after-school club and many unforgettable moments.


Dear Parents,

School life does not have to finish at the end of the school day! We offer roughly fifteen extra-curricular activities for children to discover: Sport, Art, Music, Cooking, Crochet, Yoga, etc. Each activity is led by a qualified instructor.

To enable you to pick up your child after school hours, or to arrive earlier at work, our Mosaic Clubs welcomes your child as of 7:30 am, and from 4 pm to 5:45 pmOur committed crew supervises a range of fun activities for your children. Likewise, for Cycle 1 children who do not have school on Wednesdays, Mosaic Clubs offers a wide variety of activities à la carte, in a spirit of relaxation, conviviality and sharing. This run from 8:00 am to 12 noon, as well as in the afternoon until 4 pm. The activities are proposed but not imposed, and we regularly organize special afternoons with theatre outings, Lego workshops, etc… As of 3P, we also have a Mosaic Homework Club, supervised by teachers, who enable students to do their homework at school.

During the Summer, Autumn, February and Easter holidays, Mosaic Camps welcome children from Monday to Friday, 5 days per week, for various activities and outings that follow a specific theme. External students are also welcomed! A programme of activities is proposed every week with a trip to the mountains (for sledging, hiking), to the lake, the ice rink, and some child/parent shared time on the Friday. This is a special time when children proudly welcome their parents to their camp. Mosaic Camps take place in the school building with a kind team of supervisors intent on the children having a good holiday. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions and I will answer them with pleasure. I am greatly looking forward to welcoming your child.

Miss Lucie

Lucie Leneveu

After-school Manager



For professional or private reasons, you may need longer hours than school hours. That is why Mosaic opened Mosaic Clubs, with a drop-off at 7:30 am, a variety of activities from 4 pm to 5:45 pm, as well as Wednesday childcare, and of course our 12 weeks of Mosaic Camps.


Miss Lucie selects and coordinates the Mosaic Camps, Mosaic Clubs and extra-curricular team.


At Mosaic, our extra-curricular activities offer children a multitude of opportunities for discovery: sports, games, manual and creative activities, musical instruments, but also an outing to a show, hiking up the Salève, skating at Vernets. We are very interested in your suggestions for new activities.




MONDAY (4 - 5 pm) - 5P / 6P / 7P / 8P


This is an opportunity to have fun and progress in many sports activities with Cycle 3 children. The sports practised are very varied: ball games, team sports, badminton, circus art, shooting at the ballpark, archery, etc. Join us for sports with your friends!


MONDAY (4 - 5 pm) - 4P / 5P / 6P / 7P / 8P


This activity allows you to learn the basics of traditional drawing, observational drawing (objects, places ...) as well as figurative drawing (characters, scenes ...)


MONDAY (4 - 6 pm)* - 2P / 3P / 4P / 5P / 6P / 7P / 8P


*4-5 pm for 2P/3P & 5-6 pm for 4P to 8P. In a small group (of maximum 5) children discover the violin. This is an introductory course, during which the children become acquainted with the four strings, begin to handle the bow and play small pieces together.


MONDAY (4 - 5.30 pm) - 3P / 4P / 5P / 6P / 7P / 8P


This activity allows models including motorized models to be built on various themes. This new activity allows a different approach to history, geography, forces, gears, as well as space exploration!



TUESDAY (4 - 5.45 pm) - All Classes (Except. JE)


Children discover the basics of cooking: weighing food, measuring, peeling fruits and vegetables. Rolling out pastry, mixing the ingredients and discovering utensils ... The recipes are sweet or savoury. Children take their culinary creations home.


TUESDAY (4 - 5 pm) - 3P / 4P / 5P / 6P / 7P / 8P


Classes are structured as a journey or centred around a theme. Children mix games, stretching, breathing exercises, yoga postures and meditation.


TUESDAY (4.45 - 5.45 pm) - 4P / 5P / 6P / 7P / 8P


Children will discover the art of lettering, drawing and stencils. During this workshop, they can spray, explore calligraphy and express their own style on paper and on boards. In a friendly classroom atmosphere, they will explore all the hazards of street art and graffiti, as well as its history.


TUESDAY (4 - 5 pm) - 1P / 2P / 3P


Children are invited to discover art and, more particularly, contemporary art through a selection of artists and emblematic artistic movements. Cutting, folding and various pictorial techniques are the main skills learned during the sessions.

Board Games

TUESDAY (4.15 - 5.15 pm) - 1P / 2P / 3P

Board Games

This activity takes place in a friendly atmosphere and promotes the pleasure of play, communication and openness towards others.


TUESDAY (4 - 5 pm) - 4P / 5P / 6P / 7P / 8P


This activity allows participants to make a snood with beautiful wools of all colours. During the course, the children will learn the basics of crochet. The material is provided.



WEDNESDAY (9.45 - 11.45 am)* - JE / 1P / 2P


* 9.45-10.45 am (in French) - 10.45-11.45 am (in English). This activity allows children to discover rhythm and coordination, thanks to the djembe and other instruments from different cultures.


WEDNESDAY (12 am - 18 pm) - 4P / 5P / 6P / 7P / 8P


The courses are individual and allow students to learn technical and theoretical aspects of the instrument.



THURSDAY (4 - 5.45 pm) - All Classes (Except. JE)


Children discover the basics of cooking: weighing food, measuring, peeling fruits and vegetables. Rolling out pastry, mixing the ingredients and discovering utensils ... The recipes are sweet or savoury. Children take their culinary creations home.

Visual Arts

THURSDAY (4 - 5 pm) - 4P / 5P / 6P / 7P / 8P

Visual Arts

This activity allows children to learn different types of art over the three terms: Pottery in the first term, an introduction to Comics in the second term and an introduction to Painting and drawing in the third term.



FRIDAY (4 - 5 pm) - 4P / 5P / 6P / 7P / 8P


This course teaches the basics of Hip-Hop, while discovering several styles all at once: dancing on the ground (such as Break dance), standing (such as Popping, Locking, New style...), the discovery of choreography or Freestyle.
Ecole Mosaic


Ecole Mosaic



Healthy diet, balanced eating, understanding the importance of allergies, our own ones, those of others, all these notions must be taught to children once they start their school life. This is why in our nursery class and 1P grade, Ecole Mosaic asks parents not to give their children snacks, because we will handle it! Seasonal fruits and vegetables are prepared every day, rice snacks, eventually chocolate, cheese, dry fruits, and always water. Snack time is part of learning time.  

From 2P, we no longer supply snacks on the principle that the children will have had breakfast at home. However, if a child does come with a snack, we advise parents to make it light so as to keep their appetite for lunch.  

Our lunches are prepared by the Italian food supplier Sofia and the menus are validated by the Fourchette Verte, dieticians of the Town of Geneva.  

At 4pm, we offer a snack for the students who stay after-school. 

In collaboration with the Fourchette Verte, we organise a Mosaic Talks on food, a subject of importance in today’s health conscious society. 

Ecole Mosaic

HOLIDAYS 2019-20

Ecole Mosaic

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