School life does not have to finish at the end of the school day! We always offer around fifteen extra-curricular activities for children to discover: Sport, Art, Music, Cooking, Crochet, Yoga, etc. Each activity is led by a qualified instructor.

To enable you to pick up your child after school hours, or to arrive earlier at work, our Mosaic Clubs welcomes your child as of 7:30 am, and from 4 pm to 5:45 pmOur committed crew supervises a range of fun activities for your children. Likewise, for Cycle 1 children who do not have school on Wednesdays, Mosaic Clubs offers a wide variety of activities à la carte, in a spirit of relaxation, conviviality and sharing. This run from 8:00 am to 12 noon, as well as in the afternoon until 4 pm. The activities are proposed but not imposed, and we regularly organize special afternoons with theatre outings, Lego workshops, etc… As of 3P, we also have a Mosaic Homework Club, supervised by teachers, who enable students to do their homework at school.

During the Summer, Autumn, February and Easter holidays, Mosaic Camps welcome children from Monday to Friday, 5 days per week, for various activities and outings that follow a specific theme. External students are also welcomed! A programme of activities is proposed every week with a trip to the mountains (for sledging, hiking), to the lake, the ice rink, and some child/parent shared time on the Friday. This is a special time when children proudly welcome their parents to their camp. Mosaic Camps take place in the school building with a kind team of supervisors intent on the children having a good holiday. 




For professional or private reasons, you may need longer hours than school hours. That is why Mosaic opened Mosaic Clubs, with a drop-off at 7:30 am, a variety of activities from 4 pm to 5:45 pm, as well as Wednesday childcare, and of course our 12 weeks of Mosaic Camps.


The school life manager selects and coordinates the Mosaic Camps, Mosaic Clubs and extra-curricular team.


At Mosaic, our extra-curricular activities offer children a multitude of opportunities for discovery: sports, games, manual and creative activities, musical instruments, but also an outing to a show, hiking up the Salève, skating at Vernets. We are very interested in your suggestions for new activities.


Ecole Mosaic


Ecole Mosaic


"spooky week at mosaic"
23 - 27 OCTOBER 2023

About the camps

Join us from 23rd to 27th October 2023 for our multi-activity bilingual camp for children aged 3 to 6. A “Spooky Week” to prepare for Hallowe’en…

– Dance, make-up, mime
– Pumpkin decorating
– Pastry workshop
– Hallowe’en decorations
– Costume making 
– C L’Aventure (Annemasse) – secure indoor leisure park
– Outing to Natural History Museum
– Painting workshop


Our camps are offered in French and in English.

The day starts at 8am and ends at 5pm.

For lunch, you have the option of sending your child with a meal prepared at home or having a lunch provided. The cost for this is CHF 100 for the week. Please note that we are unable to reheat any meals from home on site. Snacks are included and organised by Mosaic Camps. 

The programmes is subject to change, depending on the weather and the number of children registered.

Price for full week: CHF 450

Open to children not enrolled at Ecole Mosaic for an additional CHF 100. 

How to apply

Get in touch with our Mosaic Camps team by Email or via our website.

Subscribe directly on the parents portal or fill the form online (for the externals)

Once your child has been subscribed, generally within 48 hours, you will receive a confirmation email with all the necessary information

Congratulations! Your child is registered and ready to enjoy a great week!


Healthy diet, balanced eating, understanding the importance of allergies, our own and those of others, all these notions must be taught to children once they start their school life. This is why in our nursery class and 1P grade, Ecole Mosaic asks parents not to give their children snacks, because we will handle it! Seasonal fruits and vegetables are prepared every day, rice snacks, eventually chocolate, cheese, dry fruits, and always water. Snack time is part of learning time.  

From 2P, we no longer supply snacks on the principle that the children will have had breakfast at home. However, if a child does come with a snack, we advise parents to make it light so as to keep their appetite for lunch.  

Our lunches are prepared by the Italian food supplier Sofia and the menus are validated by the Fourchette Verte, dieticians of the Town of Geneva.  

At 4pm, we offer a snack for the students who stay after-school. 

In collaboration with the Fourchette Verte, we organise a Mosaic Talks on food, a subject of importance in today’s health conscious society. 

Ecole Mosaic

HOLIDAYS 2021-22


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